Infinite Corporation - Case Studies

Infinite Corporation enjoys significant industry experience and many client engagements.

International Monetary System, Ltd (IMS)

IMS had very robust, custom applications that had been designed over years to uniquely support the specific functionalities their clients required. IMS realized that in order to be the true industry leader, their IT environment needed to expand and modernize to accommodate the evolving needs of their global clients.


L'Oreal operates legacy applications developed on the IBM iSeries that have been migrated to HP-UX running on the Oracle database.

Crossroads Inc.

When Software Companies wish to migrate legacy applications to open environments and upgrade them with fully functional BI/OLAP technology and Web-enabled SOA capability, where do they turn?


SMB (Seychelles Marketing Board) has played a crucial role in this economic resurgence of Seychelles. Ever since its formation in 1985, SMB’s role has been to ensure a steady flow of essential commodities at stable prices to the end customer. Today, as the single largest business in Seychelles and a major employer, SMB continues to play a significant role as a manufacturer, importer, exporter, retailer and employment generator in this small island economy.


Cargill, Incorporated is an international marketer, processor and distributor of agricultural, food, financial and industrial products and services with 98,000 employees in 61 countries. The company provides distinctive customer solutions in supply chain management, food applications, and health and nutrition.


Unisys is a large systems manufacturer, software company and consulting organization. One of their areas of specialty is in supplying iSeries-based software to the travel industry. In recent months the company, based in Blue Bell, PA, has expanded into new markets by supplying its existing software on new hardware platforms.


Several reasons influenced Volvo to select INFINITE Software as the company’s EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) platform. “Our relationship with INFINITE Software spans several decades, but our decision to utilize baby.NET at this time was because we were impressed with the breadth and understanding of INFINITE Software’s consultants, the company’s vision and its ability to deliver quickly and on-budget...


INFINITE Corporation empowers Schlumberger’s worldwide business segments to analyze and report on its varied operations in its three business segments...


Northrop was seeking to extend their mainframe and midrange-based legacy applications by making them graphical and accessible via the web. The plan had originally been merely to provide browser-based accessibility for users in order to alleviate expensive data lines. The cost to maintain point-to-point lines was extremely high...

PCI - Preferred Credit Inc.

Financial Service for loans required in purchasing major appliances. Their customers include Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Distributors...


A California-based manufacturer of aviation components...


Significant numbers of IBM midrange customers have sought the counsel of IBM Global Services in an attempt to provide their AS/400-based software on alternative platforms such as AIX or Linux...


Caterpillar specializes in the manufacturing and sales of heavy equipment....

Bank of America

Infinite Corporation is the global leader in IBM I (AS/400) migration solution. The following case study provides an idea of the capabilities of the Infinite I solution.

DCS Automotive (France)

Global Automotive Ltd. is the No. 1 supplier of automotive Importer/Distributor systems in the world and one of the top three suppliers of Dealer Management Systems in Europe...

NCR Corporation

Deployment for Linux on POWER was also a consideration for NCR but due to the high costs of POWER systems the idea was scrapped. Infinite Corporation’s software, Infinite i, provided the flexibility to develop both Windows and Linux deployments for NCR. This migration solution proved to be the best alternative because it allowed NCR to retain their business logic and provide a variety of solutions to customers based upon their needs.